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Dropped The Ball

This morning, I realized it was past time to write the Happenings article for this month. I've been so busy that I forgot all about it ~ I dropped the ball. Sometimes that's a good thing. Now, I get to share with you about dropping balls and giving ourselves permission to do so. What a nice outcome! So many have so much going on right no [...]


As I welcome the wave of creative energy that comes with this time of year, I'm thinking a lot about foundations. A community of new homes is being built across the field from our townhouse. Every day the trucks are out (beep-beep-beep!) as the project moves along. For weeks, the crew did nothing but move dirt. They worked the earth wit [...]

The New Year’s Wave

As one calendar cycle closes and another begins, New Year’s brings an energy of enthusiasm, the freshness of a new beginning. Feelings of creativity and productivity run high. We make plans for change, and we make resolutions. The vibration of opportunity for change is all around. It’s what we do with it that matters. As with so many th [...]

Enough is Enough

“I just want to be done,” groaned the student after hearing how energetic conditions in the astral body affect our emotional well-being. “I just want to be done healing.” “Why?” I asked, “what’s the prize when you’re done?” I find that for a lot of folks, the prize is being enough. When I make this much money, I will be [...]

Uniqueness Through Almonds

I’ve just been reminded of our uniqueness in an interesting way: an updated food allergy blood panel. I won’t bore you with the list, but there was one interesting finding. The test revealed a high reaction to almonds. I’ve been eating almond butter (although I prefer peanut) and almond milk (although I prefer soy) on the advice of we [...]

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