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Time Is A Resource

I recently worked with a woman who is looking at the choice of moving away or staying here in Denver. Interestingly, the energy that came up from her spirit self in response to the inquiry had nothing to do with the decision at hand. Instead, it was about time.

Time is a resource. When we incarnate, we agree to linear time. And, the incarnation is finite in time, making the experience more meaningful (and doable) for the journeying soul.

Yet, we often use time to experience what we say we don’t want out of fear of change. And, so many folks spend this precious resource in needless worry and pain that could be healed by looking at what’s being avoided.

Think about the big picture. One of my favorite suggestions when people are looking at a decision is to imagine asking your 100-year-old self. At 100, what do you want to be able to say you chose?

Life is long in the moment, but short in retrospect. How are you spending your time?

I bring this up not to bring you down, but to wake you up! As the holiday season unfolds, time will become more of an issue. Many of us are back out in the world, even as we deal with the uncertainties of this era. The upcoming shopping, parties, and visiting relatives and friends combined with everyday obligations can lead to a hectic couple of months.

If you find yourself caught in the frenzy, remember that big picture. How would you like to spend this day in time? It takes some spiritual courage to say yes to what is for you and no to all the rest. You can do it!


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Joan Roy
Joan Roy
Jun 03, 2022

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