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Release to Create

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

It's a little late, but Happy New Year, everyone!

Welcome to the time of setting intentions, making plans, and defining goals. Yes, it is still a strange and challenging time we are moving through. Still, the adventure of life continues. What would you like to manifest in 2022? Whatever you desire, you are both creating it and inviting it into your world, and into your internal reality.

It’s worth asking, is there room? Is there room in your inner landscape for what you desire? If you are intending prosperity, but your reality is cluttered with a belief in lack and distrust of those with abundance; it’s going to be very difficult to let that prosperity in.

Consider letting go to let in. What we can let in (aka manifest) is largely a function of the energies that are stored in our space: our body, chakras, and energy fields. Our space is our home as a spirit during this lifetime.

As we live life, things can begin to fill up our energetic house. Decisions we make in reaction to life experiences, things we’ve been told, and energies we pick up from others, to name a few. We bring these things into our house and they take up space. Over the course of time, we can have less and less room for our own soul essence, who we really are, and what we want to bring into our experience.

When you contemplate your manifestations for the new year, consider what you’ll be releasing as well. Like redecorating your physical home, the old and the new don’t always fit well together. Energy management skills and meditation are your keys to cleansing your space and manifesting the reality you’d like. Check out the free, on demand Meditation For Living program to get started. If you’d like some personal support, our team members are here for you.

May 2022 be the year you create an inner home that is a true reflection of you as spirit, decorated with your highest creative force and plenty of joy!


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Joan Roy
Joan Roy
Jun 03, 2022

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