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Meet Lauren

Lauren has become a prominent force in the fields of spirituality and metaphysics. Her book, Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake-Up Call to What You Really Are, is a transformative experience in self awareness. Her free audio series, Meditation For Living; New Life Skills For Everyone, provides powerful meditation and energy management skills everyone needs in these challenging times.

Lauren’s personal and professional path has progressed miraculously over the years. Childhood challenges required that Lauren keep her abilities of clairvoyant awareness, astral travel, and remote viewing sharp. As a young adult, the manifestations of early pain surfaced, and Lauren’s personal journey of self-awareness began. With dedication to her own healing work, Lauren transmuted the pain of the past into present day wisdom.

In her early twenties, Lauren’s personal healing journey began. After many years of self exploration, she honed her seeing and healing abilities into a grounded practice. Studying with many wonderful teachers, Lauren has developed a reading, healing, and teaching practice founded in the core principles that will support you in discovering and expressing your inner truths and passion for life. When we truly know ourselves and know about energy; challenges become opportunities, healing happens, and life looks and feels totally different.

A dynamic public speaker, Lauren’s adventures have included producing and hosting “Inner Connection”, a weekly cable access television program that ran for 4 years on Denver Community Television. She has also appeared as a guest on a variety of programs, including The History Channel’s “Haunted History: The Rockies" and University of Denver’s “The Infinite Reality.” Additionally, Lauren has appeared as both a co-host and host on “Patricia’s Mystical Insights”. Speaking engagements have included the  Colorado Center for Spiritual Growth, Women’s Institute For Spiritual Healing, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Club, the People House Fellowship, and many more.

Now at mid-life, Lauren is more committed than ever to supporting others in learning about meditation, awareness of energy, and themselves as spiritual beings; free to find and express the true soul’s path and passion for life. Whether in a one-on-one session, in-person group classes, audio recordings, or online programs, Lauren is honored to support you in times of challenge, transformation, and unfolding self-awareness.

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