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The Time Is Now

As I write, our community is in mourning. There’s just been a mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder. Ten people have suddenly left the Earth, and a soul in pain is now in custody.

It’s awful and painful and shocking. How do we make sense of such things? We don’t. We can’t imagine the internal reality of someone driven to such an act. We wish healing for all. Perhaps we are inspired to take action helping with the current mental health crisis, or in some other arena where we are called.

As if COVID and all the other chaos of the last year wasn’t enough of a reminder of the preciousness of time in Earth, here is another. Yet another wake-up call that now is the time. Time is interesting. Linear time doesn’t exist in spirit, but it is a primary driver in Earth reality. We all have an unknown supply of time, like a bank account where we don’t know the balance. May we spend it wisely.

So much irreplaceable time is wasted in self-judgment, fear, blame, and worry. Indulging in these toxic vibrations drains life force that would otherwise go toward health, creativity, and joy. Sometimes it’s hard to make the switch. We can get addicted to negative energies, thoughts, and the chemical signatures for emotion they produce. Help is out there. There are many resources available now (including our free Meditation For Living program).

Who cares what other people think? Who cares what size you are? Who cares what kind of car you can afford, if any? None of these things matter as we look back on life after passing back to spirit. Instead we ask ourselves; did I truly live? Did I really love? And did I enjoy my precious time in Earth?

Leave nothing unsaid and nothing undone. If there are words, speak them. If there are dreams, birth them. Now is the time.


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