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Honoring Life and Death

I just read a deeply inspiring article by astrologer, tarot reader, and all-around-extraordinary soul, Mo Abdelbaki. Here’s an excerpt:

“…That night, coughing, feverish, alone, I saw a bright light at the end of my bed. My dad walked out of the light, dressed in a white suit, with an escalator behind him. I thought, “How trite,” but I knew why he was there. I asked if he was really my dad, because he didn’t feel like him. He explained that he was not my father, but came in a form that I would accept and not fear. I asked if I absolutely had to go and he answered that it was up to me. I said I had much to do in my life yet and that my children needed me. He replied that the world would go on just fine without me and that my children would miss me, but would grow up to be good adults.“If you want to stay,” he said, “you have to do it for you and not for anyone else.” He once again gave me the option to get up and go with him. I declined and asked if I would see him again. He just smiled, winked at me and was gone…” (Find the entire article on under Mark’s Power Peek. While you’re there, I highly suggest subscribing to the weekly newsletter!)

Mo’s words remind us of something we all know deep inside, but are invited to forget early in life: That we are spiritual beings, here for a reason ~ for so many reasons. Life on Earth is not a fluke of nature, nor is it all there is.

If you’ve lost loved ones to the pandemic, or however they’ve passed, please know that they were greeted and welcomed home, as we all will be at some point. The images are different (escalator, tunnel, stairway, pathway, veil), but the journey is the same.

Perhaps in this holiday time it may feel good and right to honor the sacred journey of life; purposeful, meaningful, powerful; and a gift for the soul who incarnates. Something we’ve all asked for and chosen in divine opportunity.

At the same time, it is always right and good to remember to have some fun along the way. Honoring doesn’t require a somber attitude. In our exploration of energy and frequency, we find that joy is the most powerful vibration of all.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season!


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