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"Very few spiritually based authors write at the high level of Lauren Skye. “Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake-Up Call To What You Really Are” is the kind of instruction manual that should be required reading by any seeker of truth. Her chapters are rich and each one is like a thread that weaves through her fabric of work, to make its indelible mark on our minds. This book doesn’t seek to show what Lauren Skye already knows, it seeks to take us on a journey with her. She has a clear style and uses it to make the ineffable accessible. She’s not just writing down affirmations that we hear everyday, she invites us to enter the world of real energy and allow her to guide us to tangible changes on the level of miracles. A masterpiece of applicable techniques geared to expand us beyond where we are used to being, written by a woman that we can trust, I know this from direct experience because I sat in her classroom.

Thank you Lauren Skye, your timing is perfect.”

Mark S. Husson Author, LoveScopes, What Astrology Already Knows About You and Your Loved Ones, and founder of

“Fortunately, we have in our world courageous souls dedicated to helping us open our mind-gates to a more expanded awareness and to the joyous celebration that is our life. Lauren Skye is one of them, and she does this through her ability to give our deeper being permission to step forth and let its true light shine. She speaks to our spiritual growth with clarity, certainty, honesty and warmth.”

Michael J. Tamura Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant Visionary and Author of You Are The Answer: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose

“This book is a practical user’s guide to the spiritual self. Lauren is a master teacher of spiritual tools that awaken you to the aspects of your life and reality that you know are true but have struggled to harness. Readers will find clarity and aliveness as they come out from being “deep in the fog of forgetfulness” and rediscover their true nature.”

Brian Gast Executive coach and author of The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executive Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t

“Lauren’s book is a marvelous guide for a step by step method of meditation and healing yourself. She helps you navigate your spiritual awareness, in a way you can understand. I highly recommend this book for any spiritual seeker who is looking for a way to change their life. I loved every page of it.”

Mary Bell Nyman Founder of Psychic Horizons Center

“Lauren Skye’s deeply personal stories and journey are excellent examples of how we can learn and evolve. Spiritual Amnesia is full of wonderful tools to learn about ourselves, from eye-opening insights to meditation techniques for just about every life situation. Lauren teaches us how, by working with our energy, we can clear out wounds and blocks to help us open more fully to the intertwined nature of our physicality and spirituality.”

Terry Chriswell Publisher, Mile High Awakenings, and author, Moving Toward Happy

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