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Last weekend we flew into Phoenix to visit some friends who’ve recently relocated there. On the descent, the plane hit massive turbulence. As we bumped along, there was a mixture of reactions among the passengers. Some released excited hoots, as if on a roller coaster. Some held tight, trying not to move at all. A woman across the aisle b [...]

Life On Earth

There’s a common misperception in spiritual circles that if one sets their energy “just right,” then nothing unpleasant will ever happen. When a challenge inevitably arises, the person wonders what they did wrong. This idea has a large dose of that punishment and reward energy we see in judgmental, dogmatic paradigms. I think of it as [...]

Decluttering Reality

I’m decluttering. We’ve been in our current home almost 7 years now, the longest I’ve lived anywhere in all my years. The urge to move comes up on occasion, but that wouldn’t be wise in Denver’s current market. Instead, I’m clearing out as if we were packing up. As I reorganize shelves and let things go, I am amazed at how much [...]

Everything Changes

At this time of new beginnings, I’d like to share about an ending. For the past few years there have been three dogs living in the house that backs to ours; a miniature pincher, a basset hound, and a greyhound. The dogs were left outside (except in the most extreme weather) and they were bored and anxious. They expressed in the way dogs d [...]

Energy Tips for Holiday Balance

It’s the time of year for celebration! And, unfortunately for some of us, that celebration can quickly turn in to excess. Even the most mindful among us can fall prey to tasty seasonal delicacies and enticing holiday sales. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy the season without overstressing your body or your budget. Here’s some tips fo [...]

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