We are Reality Generators

Updated: Feb 1

I saw a fun Wayne Dyer quote while scrolling through the Facebook feed last night. Something like, "Manifestation isn't attracting what you want, Manifestation is attracting what you are."

We are reality generators. We're manifesting all the time without thinking about it. When we think purposefully, produce an image of a potential reality, and fuel that picture with desire, we call that intending.

However, most of the time we are creating willy-nilly, and fueling our realities with fear and worry. We are encouraged to do so by the culture of marketing and the never-ending competition for our attention.

When we produce reality, we take the core ingredient, consciousness, and run it through an energy, belief, and thought set to get an experience. The process is absolutely spectacular.

Consciousness itself is relatively neutral, and will align with (comply with, even) whatever the reality generator is creating. We wield the power of "I Am" like no other creatures on the planet. We are the choosers, with the power to rise above instinct, release the past, and create a brand new experience.

We are nothing short of amazing. For sure, we tend to embrace and wisely use only a fraction of what is within us. We are works in progress. Imagine what we could become.

Today I am joyful, grateful, and happy. What are you?

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