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The Holidays in COVID time

Here we go, into a holiday season like no other.

COVID-19 has presented some incredible challenges this year , but there have also been gifts. One of those gifts is the opportunity to break old patterns, and even create large-scale change free of obligation to the past.

For many, the holidays have traditionally been a time of overdoing, overspending, overeating, and over everything. For some, it’s been about obligation, frenzy, and family challenges. For others, November and December bring great loneliness and despair.

As we move into the holidays this year, we have the freedom to make them brand new. We can disrupt the old and, so importantly, set the stage for what future holidays will look like. We can give ourselves permission to do it differently, more an expression of the heart, when COVID time is over.

In the meantime, this unique season will be what we make it.

Everything is what we make it and we have complete control over what we make of this year’s holiday time. Maybe this year is more of a quiet celebration of the sacredness of life, our connection to others, and our never-ending connection with spirit.

To support you through this time, and to help make the season as merry and bright as it can be, we are offering a free class, our 2020 Holiday Survival Series. We’ll join together and use our spiritual skills to create our experience and share the journey. This series is for graduates of our free introductory Meditation For Living series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, perhaps you’ll be inspired by the Holiday Series!

The phrase “new normal” is popular right now. But I don’t see this as the “new normal.” It’s normal-for-now. This time will pass. Then, there will be another normal, and another, and another after that.

Nothing lasts forever.

We will gather around holiday tables again. May the next normal be a time when we are free to say no to that which is not in our hearts. I say yes to that!


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