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Living Outside The Box

In a recent Clairvoyant Development class, we were doing some astral travel exercises. One of the students asked, “How do we know we are really doing it? How do we know this is real?”

It’s a good question. But the part of her that was asking the question isn’t capable of perceiving the answer.

We exist across a wide range of reality; we are a human being and spiritual being at the same time. We don’t stop being a spiritual being when we become human; we are both.

Different aspects of us perceive energy differently. That’s true on multiple levels; our ears can’t hear blue and our noses can’t smell music.

The part of us that wants proof that spirit is real is one aspect of the thinking mind. In our lessons, we call this part the analyzer. The analyzer is an important part of our being, but it isn’t capable of perceiving energy. The analyzer involves linear thinking and logic, and is closely linked to the third chakra. It figures things out in the world of matter, does math, problem solves, and these sorts of things. Energy is not its job, just as it isn’t the ear’s job to see or smell.

The range of energy, or information, that the analyzer can perceive is really quite small. That which can be processed or understood through linear thought is but a tiny fraction of all the energy and information that is. What is outside the analyzer’s range doesn’t make sense to the analyzer and seems impossible.

And, when the analyzer does receive new information, there is an instinctive tendency to define it according to past experience, to relate it to something already known. This, combined with our cultural programming, are legitimate challenges to allowing spiritual perception.

We are indoctrinated at a young age that only what the analyzer can see is real, and all else is fantasy. We allow little children to have the full range of perception, letting their imaginations soar, until a certain age. Then, we begin to be told to pay attention, and all that fun perception is now “just your imagination.”

What is commonly called imagination is key to spiritual perception. When students begin to read, many say, “I feel like I’m just making it up.” That’s because we’ve taken a whole range of information and relegated it to fantasy, and we’ve said it isn’t real, just because it is outside the purview of the analyzer.

Another denial of spirit comes from our rejection of religious control. More and more people look at the controlling dogma, the punishment and reward systems of religious orders and say; “No thanks. That doesn’t work for me.”

That’s a step in the right direction in my opinion. However, just because the systems don’t fit does not mean spirit isn’t real.

The worship of the intellect as superior to all is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. When we allow only a small range of self and cut ourselves off from our spiritual nature, a deep loneliness and longing sets in. We begin to seek outside of ourselves to fill a whole that can only be satisfied by spirit, and we call that an “advanced” culture.

In science, we have “dark matter” – which just means we don’t know what it is yet. About 4 or 5% of our DNA goes toward building the body. Science calls the rest “junk DNA” because they can’t figure out what it is doing.

When psychics look at DNA, we see the part called junk is actually a treasure trove of information about ancestral karma, past lives, and akashic records. No junk at all. But because the linear mind can’t make sense of it, it isn’t allowed to be real to the larger population.

Things are changing and awareness is expanding more and more every day. Quantum physics has shown science that we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg and that what we tend to perceive is just a tiny fraction of all that is. At the quantum level of being, particles behave quite differently than they do in the world of solid matter; and they can exist in more than one state at one time.

Why should they not? They, like we, exist across a span of reality. We are made of them, they are us, and it’s all one unified field of consciousness. And we, for example when we astral travel, can exist in more than one state at the same time. If fact we always do, we just tend to not notice this, and not harness it.

When we take on an incarnation, we agree to walk in the world of matter. Our eyes and the visual cortex of the brain are built to filter out energy. If we could see all the energy that is, it would be difficult to walk across a room! But it’s all still there and we can let ourselves see it and engage it with our spiritual vision, which is so different than our physical eyes.

If you live in awareness, you may notice people around you getting more and more open. At the same time, you may notice there are some people you can’t talk to about spirit, the world of the nonmaterial realm, or energy and information. Somehow there’s still permission to mock and shame those on a non-traditional spiritual path. We’re crazy, freaky, whatever.

There are only a few people who give us testimonials about our classes that also give us permission to use their full name. They’re sort of in hiding, and I understand why.

The student I mentioned earlier probably doesn’t share with many in her world what she’s really up to in class, but she’s got that longing that so many have. That longing to know herself as spirit. In her question, there’s a request: “please prove it; please give me that guarantee”.

How would her life be different if she knew, for absolute sure, that she exists beyond the analyzer, that spirit is real, and she is an eternal being of light and energy who has walked the earth before and will do so again.

We can be free of religious control and the religion of the intellect and have it all. I takes a little courage to unseat the analyzer from its ruling throne. I’m happy to walk in a world of boxes as “outside the box” as I can be. I don’t know much about tarot, but a card reader once said to me; “Remember, in the tarot deck, the fool is the freest card.” The fool has nothing to prove, is unbounded by shame, and free to explore. I’m happy to be the fool in someone else’s opinion if it means I get to experience the world outside the box.

The box of the analyzer is a symptom of what we as a culture have decided is real and possible. We call that which happens outside the box a miracle. A miracle is just a movement of energy that is outside the agreed-upon boundaries of reality. Those agreed upon boundaries have nothing to do with the range of actual possibilities.

I’ve been grateful to experience many miracles along the way; and whenever I talk about them, people often begin to share with great enthusiasm the miracles they’ve experienced but kept secret because they didn’t want to be perceived as crazy.

So how do we get out of the box? First, we acknowledge that we’re in one. We admit the analyzer doesn’t know all. We stop thinking so much and relax into the capabilities of spiritual seeing and knowing that live in the 6th and 7th chakras. We stop improving ourselves and start enjoying ourselves. And, we stop asking how and start saying thank you.

Get started here: Meditation For Living.


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