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Updated: Feb 1

The other day as Berny and I parked at the grocery store, a man in a truck pulled up and began frantically searching through the empty carts in the cart return kiosk.

We went over to help. He had lost his wallet and was sure he'd forgotten it in the child seat part of the cart. He shared that he is a commercial truck driver and would be in big trouble without his license.

The three of us looked all around, but didn't find it. As we parted ways, I noticed another cart return several yards north of the one we'd been searching. And there it was, about 3 or 4 baskets in, tucked inside the folded seat. Berny grabbed it and we ran back to the man's truck.

It was so nice to see the smile on his face and relief in his whole being. We all felt great. It's always such a joy to be of service to another being on the journey.

The man had gotten stuck by believing he had been at the southern-most cart return. He was so convinced about where he had parked before he noticed the wallet was gone, that he couldn't see where it was.

We all do it from time to time. On small and large scales, we decide what's true and pretty soon we can't see any other possibilities. We spiral around the belief in pain and fear, building a reality from a tainted seed. Often the perspective of another can break the illusion.

When your life could use some new perspective, I’d be honored to be of service. Check out the ways I can help here, or let’s get together for a private session here.

On a side note; the next day I was out doing errands solo. A young woman watched me struggle getting a big box in my car. She came to ask if I'd like some help. I declined, but looking back, I wish I'd said yes; and given her the opportunity to feel that same fullness of heart that I felt when we spotted the wallet. I will choose differently at the next opportunity. When we receive, we give; when we give, we receive.


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