Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Meditation For Living: New Life Skills For Everyone: Our beginning meditation program is now available on CD and download. Please click the “Downloads” tab at the top of the screen to explore Meditation For Living.

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Clairvoyant Meditation

Weekend Program at Balanced Body Center; 975 Lincoln St., Suite 202, Denver (free garage parking)
Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27
Saturday Noon - 4:30, Sunday Noon - 3:30(ish)
Facilitated by Lauren Skye
Early registration discount available: $225 before January 19, $235 after January 19th
Fee includes live classes, audio recordings of live classes, professionally produced audio series of Meditation For Living program, a copy of Lauren's book, Spiritual Amnesia; A Wake Up Call to What You Really Are

A small class size (maximum 12 attendees) creates space for your questions, group discussion, and profound exploration.

Clairvoyance is as natural as breathing. It's not about prediction and fortune-telling; it's about engaging consciousness, the energetic fabric of reality.

Clairvoyance is a wonderful doorway to energetic awareness and empowerment, inviting us out of the limiting stories we unknowingly tell ourselves and into new possibilities as we experience ourselves as spirit.

This program is for sensitive souls and for anyone seeking to create more contentment, empowerment, abundance, and lasting change in their lives.

You'll acquire a series of skills to purposefully engage energy and open to your own vision and power. The process presented is often called “active” because you aren’t asked to go blank, repeat a mantra, or count breaths.

Instead, the techniques re-direct your busy mind toward changing your energy, thought forms, and emotions. A natural quiet and calm ensues. The power of your attention and intention is focused toward experiencing optimal health, happiness, and prosperity.

In this powerful weekend,  you will:

Access your inner vision to see and change energy

Learn easy, effective skills to relax, recharge, and find balance

Create energetic boundaries to better take care of yourself and your relationships

Cleanse the chakras (energy centers) to refresh your creativity

Clear blocks to growth, let go of self-doubt, and release old patterns that hold you back

Effectively direct the power of intention

Be amazed with your results!

This program is a perfect fit for those just beginning, or relatively new, to working with meditation, clairvoyance, and energy awareness. For those already familiar with energy work, this series will enhance your practice and increase your awareness in a powerful way.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for Registration buttons, or contact Lauren Skye at 303-282-9439 or lauren@innerconnection.org to enroll.

Intention & Manifestation Series

Four-Week Series for graduates of Meditation for Living (live series or audio program) or Clairvoyant Meditation

At Balanced Body Center; 975 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Denver (free garage parking) Tuesdays January 29 - February 19
11:00am - 12:30pm
Attend live classes, by Zoom video conference, or by on-demand download

The in-person group and Zoom group will be meeting together

Facilitated by Lauren Skye
Fee: $195 before January 12th, $210 after January 12th
Includes classes and recordings of classes

A small class size (maximum 12 attendees) creates space for your questions, group discussion, and profound exploration.

Start the year by aligning with your Spirit Self! In this series, we will explore the nature of desire, discovering what we really want, what really matters, and bringing those desires to fruition in life.

~Work with  the “mock-up” technique to consciously create

~Clear blocks to havingness, a key to manifestation

~Find out what matters most to you as a soul

~Explore the difference between the power to create and permission as

you increase both

~Effectively direct the power of intention

~Enjoy the support and company of like-minded souls

Scroll down for registration buttons, or contact Lauren Skye at 303-282-9439 or lauren@innerconnection.org to enroll.

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