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Think of energy as the fabric of reality, with an infinite number of possibilities, like different textures or flavors. Some of the flavors are love, joy, anxiety, worry, peace and contentment, to name just a few. We ourselves are energy as well as physical matter, and the vibrations in our energetic bodies become the seeds of belief. What we believe is true becomes true in our experience. What we believe is the seed of what we think. What we think is the seed of what we feel. Believing is seeing; it’s not the other way around.
When we are spiritually awake and aware, we see that life happens through us, not to us. Our inner landscape of belief, thought and emotion is a result of the energies we carry and is reflected back to us with absolute brilliance in our experiences of life. The energies we carry can be changed, transformed and released when appropriate. And when energy shifts, there’s a corresponding shift in our experiences.

We begin by becoming aware of what we are carrying on an energetic, or vibrational, level. We can then become proactive about changing that energy, and so create a new experience. This process allows us to reframe our histories, release old patterns and blocks, and create a brand new day; and a brand new life.

Lauren’s free Meditation For Living series will help you do just that. The program provides all the benefits of effective meditation; relaxation, emotional balance, enhanced creativity, and increased health.  And, it offers so much more.  The easy, practical, “real-world” techniques in Meditation For Living help anyone access and change energy, and become a powerful creator in their own life, rather than a reactor to whatever is going on in life.

Her book, Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake-Up Call To What You Really Are, offers the same skills in written form. The work also presents spiritual concepts and the invitation to see the world and oneself through the clear eyes of the journeying soul. The information is coupled with guided meditations to bring change through to the day-to-day experience of life.

Pink Rose
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