Graduate Spiritual Journey

About this Class

The Graduate Spiritual Journey is a monthly spiritual support group for graduates of Clairvoyant Training and beyond.

We work in both the clairvoyant and out-of-body realms in this series, and we work with helpful beings. 

Class time includes (each time varies): lectures/new material, application of tools, out of body travel, working with beings, trades, and discussion time.

Location: Maestro Videoconference

Dates: Meets 2nd Saturday of the month beginning January 11th

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm MTN

Teacher: Lauren Skye

Prerequisite: Meditation For Living (audio program) or Clairvoyant Meditation (live series), Clairvoyant Training.

Fee: $150/month


Join the group on Saturday, January 11th. Fee is $150/month (by credit card on file, so there's no collections). Your agreement is for 6 months. We take a break after 6 months, and you can re-enroll and renew your agreement after each break.   To sign up, please contact Lauren at 303-282-9439 or

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