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Uniqueness Through Almonds

I’ve just been reminded of our uniqueness in an interesting way: an updated food allergy blood panel. I won’t bore you with the list, but there was one interesting finding. The test revealed a high reaction to almonds. I’ve been eating almond butter (although I prefer peanut) and almond milk (although I prefer soy) on the advice of we [...]

Reality Generators

I saw a fun Wayne Dyer quote while scrolling through the Facebook feed last night. Something like, “Manifestation isn’t attracting what you want, Manifestation is attracting what you are.” We are reality generators. We’re manifesting all the time without thinking about it. When we think purposefully, produce an image of a potential re [...]

The Vastness

Did you get to see the eclipse? What a beautiful sight. I watched from my deck here in Denver where 92% of the sun was covered. So amazing! Eclipses, meteor showers, and gazing at the stars touch our hearts in a particular way. When we look at images from the Hubble telescope, we are uplifted. These things remind us of the vastness of re [...]

Release The Shoulds

We all have an ongoing inner dialogue that shapes our experience of ourselves and the world around us. What we say to ourselves matters so much. In our classes this month we did a clearing on some of the most toxic words that we often allow to control our reality: Should and should have. The results were powerful. Should is in the future. S [...]

No Matter What

his morning in meditation I had an out-of-body experience that was so uplifting I’d like to share it with you as an offer of spiritual refreshment on the journey. I imagine it’s no mistake that it happened today as I had set aside time to write this afternoon. Sick with a nagging cold, I had to cancel my morning reading client. There was [...]

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