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Lauren's Book

Have You Forgotten?

Imagine Feeling Content… Imagine Being Free Of The Chronic Undercurrent Of Tension And Stress That Seems To Plague Us All. Imagine Knowing Without Doubt That You Belong; In The Moment, In Your Own Skin, In The World, In The Universe.
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What if the snarled traffic, spilled coffee, and angry supervisor didn’t ruin your day? What if the hassles of child care, family dynamics and the endless to-do lists didn’t make your heart race? What if you could breathe, sleep, and even raise a smile as you faced a career shift, relationship ending, health challenge, or money dilemma? What would your day be like with a sense of true peace, knowing that all is well, no matter what?


​This contentment is not only accessible, it’s already within you. It’s a natural part of who you are. Finding it requires only that you wake up and remember.

Remember that you are indeed a soul on a journey, connected always to the divine. Remember that all that is manifesting around you, both physically and experientially, is a result of your dancing with the immense possibilities of consciousness. Remember that you create reality from the inside out, and that reality is yours to create.

Spiritual Amnesia offers a wake-up call to a joyous, abundant life. Through inspirational teachings, the sharing of transformative personal experiences, and practical, how-to techniques, Lauren Skye reframes the experience of life from challenge to adventure, from pain to joy.

The soul-calling practices she offers in the form of easy, accessible meditations and “imaginings” transform the insights she shares into lasting change in your everyday world. The exercises are perfect for those new to the concepts of meditation or for those with busy minds and lives. For those already familiar with energy work, the techniques will expand your practice in a wonderful way.

Get ready to look at yourself, your life, and life itself in a whole new way. Spiritual Amnesia will wake you up from forgetting and guide you gently toward a new perspective. You’ll never look back.

This book is a roadmap to a new way of being.

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