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New Year’s Creative Force

Happy New Year Everyone!

At this time, many people shift into a creative mode. With so many directing energy in the same way, a wave of creative force is generated.

As you ride the inspired wave of the New Year, I invite you to notice what you’d like to experience next, rather than what you should do.

People often ask themselves (and spiritual advisors), “What should I do?”

A much more effective wondering is, “What would I like to experience next?”

The “should” implies that there are also “should nots,” as if you can get it wrong. Wrapped in fear, the blessing of free will becomes a burden.

Remember that true desire is the pointer to one’s true path. The authentic path is the one inspired by who you are as spirit. It is not the one based on the “shoulds” you’ve picked up along the way. Following true desire supports the unfolding of your full self and self-expression.

At the same time, journeying toward what we truly want to experience often brings us face-to-face with our fears and self-doubts. This is in divine purpose, so that those fears and doubts we carry can be acknowledged and brought into the light to be released. The release makes room for more and more of your divine unfolding.

One of our Clairvoyant Training graduates, Stacy Dicker, has just published a book called Psychstrology. Her work brings the fields of psychology and astrology together in a beautiful way. It’s a great read. Check it out here on Amazon. The writing was part of her unfolding. Being seen as an author is another step for her.

Of course, she faced fears and doubts along the way. Stacy used the skills she acquired in our Clairvoyant Training course to navigate the path. Using her energetic tools, she was able to release those blocks, instead of allowing them to sabotage her success. Her desire to write and her willingness to do so brought forth her own growth, her own unfolding. And, her expression will help others on their journeys too as they read her book.

If you are seeking a path for your own growth and to support your manifestations, I’d be honored if you’d consider our Clairvoyant Training program, like Stacy did. It starts in just a couple of weeks. The program invites your unfolding as you explore your spiritual nature. Stacy discovered her author self. What will we find within you?

Are there things you’d like to experience in your life, but fear and doubt get in the way? Maybe it’s a book or something like that. Maybe it’s relationship, prosperity, discovering your purpose; or the simple, sweet contentment of inner peace. If we desire it, it is within us, and will be brought forth by our self-discovery and willingness. Clairvoyant Training is a pathway to bring forth all that’s within you, all you desire. Check out the prerequisite course, Meditation For Living, on our website here.

Whatever path you choose, I wish you a joyful ride in this new year. Journey on, knowing you can’t get it wrong and you can’t get it right. Earth needs you, you need you, and we all need the blessing of your unfolding self.

I see you as the magnificent being that you are,


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