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What Would You Like To Experience Next?

Happy New Year Everyone!

At this time, many people shift into a creative mode. With so many directing energy in the same way, a wave of creative force is generated.

As you ride the inspired wave of the New Year, I invite you to notice what you’d like to experience next, rather than what you should do.

People often ask themselves (and spiritual advisors), “What should I do?”

A much more effective wondering is, “What would I like to experience next?”

The “should” implies that there are also “should nots,” as if you can get it wrong. Wrapped in fear, the blessing of free will becomes a burden.

Remember that true desire is the pointer to one’s true path. The authentic path, the one founded on who you are as spirit and not on the “shoulds” you’ve picked up along the way, supports the unfolding of your full self and self-expression.

At the same time, journeying toward what we truly want to experience often brings us face-to-face with our fears and self-doubts. This is in divine purpose, so that those fears and self-doubts we carry can be acknowledged, loved, and brought into the light to be released. The release makes room for more and more divine unfolding.

Emmanuel, a channeled being, writes “The moment of death is also a moment of remembering. I cannot tell you how often you dear ones have left your bodies and begun to laugh.” This passage is on page 62 of Emmanuel’s Book II, The Choice for Love. The chapter is about releasing the heavy weight of self-judgment, as so many of Emmanuel’s powerful words are.

So journey on, knowing you can’t get it wrong and you can’t get it right. Earth needs you, you need you, and we all need the blessing of your unfolding self.



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