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The Reality You Create Is You

I just submitted my first negative on-line review. Not fun, but we had such a poor experience with an HVAC company that I knew it would be irresponsible not to share.

As I wrote out the timeline and evaluation, my heart started pounding. Not because I was still upset – this was fear. So, I stopped, grounded, found my space, and took some deep breaths.

Yet another layer of an old, old energy had come up for release; a message that it’s not ok to speak up when I am mistreated, and this is probably because I did something wrong anyway. Some childhood imprints run so deep we excavate them throughout the lifetime, layer after layer.

With these deep, core “pictures,” as they are called, we don’t have to clear the energy entirely to be free. We need only change our relationship to it. When we can see it and not be it, we are free, and able to clear more and more each time a new layer surfaces.

I actually felt gratitude for the whole situation with this self-realization and opportunity for deep healing. Every challenge really is an opportunity and I’m thankful to have discovered the gem in this one.

Walking in spiritual awareness doesn’t mean nothing ever happens. Instead, it’s about freedom. Our freedom to explore our inner world; to dig, discover, release, and create brand new energies and beliefs through which to experience life.

Creating your reality doesn’t mean controlling the world around you. When stuff happens, you didn’t get it wrong. It’s your personal universe that counts. The reality you create is, at the core, you.

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