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Hello Spring

Spring is here and I, for one, am ready!

March felt like the longest month ever. I’ve just gotten over an amazing flu and respiratory infection. That thing lasted three full weeks ~ wow!

So, most of my month was spent sleeping, sitting, reading of the non-clairvoyant kind, and watching TV (one great show found: People of Earth ~ super fun, but you must watch from season 1, episode 1).

While I rested, war raged within in the world of the very small. A friend who had it said she had a spiritual vision in the midst of her fever. Unfortunately, there were no visions for me, just chills and all forms of unpleasantness.

As my body returns to health, I am reminded of what a beautiful thing a body is. From the warrior immune system to the framework of bones to the flowing delivery system of the bloodstream and all the rest, it is a spectacular creation. One of my guides says that the body is “your little corner of earth.”

I love my little corner of earth and appreciate my human body. How do you feel about yours?

As the weather warms, we are about to be bombarded with yet another round of media about how our bodies aren’t good enough and need to be improved. Please reject the invitation to self-judge and give that body of yours some love and gratitude instead. It is truly your greatest creation as spirit.

As for me, now it’s time to emerge, feeling renewed and stronger than before; ready to create like the budding trees outside.

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