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As I welcome the wave of creative energy that comes with this time of year, I’m thinking a lot about foundations.

A community of new homes is being built across the field from our townhouse. Every day the trucks are out (beep-beep-beep!) as the project moves along.

For weeks, the crew did nothing but move dirt. They worked the earth with enormous machines to create just the right grading for the buildings to come. Now, they are installing utility pipes and lines.

It’s fun to literally see the groundwork being laid. Groundwork matters. Foundations matter.

In another part of our community, the pre-construction grading was not done properly and the homes there are experiencing structural issues. A lawsuit with the old builder has been settled and now the needed repairs are underway. The work will be extensive. It is quite a challenge to repair the grading and heal the foundations where the houses are already up.

As you build your experience of 2018 with intention, attention, and action; do so from a solid foundation. If you see yourself as broken, not good enough, or unlovable, that which you build will be an expression of those energies. Your manifestations will be wobbly at best. Instead, build your adventure of life with a deep self-love, trust in spirit, and a knowing of yourself as divine as your base.

If you have work to do on your foundation, that in itself is a lovely step ~ the most meaningful of all, really. If you have a rock-solid base from which to build, may you thoroughly enjoy bringing your intentions to fruition.


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