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Dropped The Ball

This morning, I realized it was past time to write the Happenings article for this month. I’ve been so busy that I forgot all about it ~ I dropped the ball.

Sometimes that’s a good thing. Now, I get to share with you about dropping balls and giving ourselves permission to do so. What a nice outcome!

So many have so much going on right now, it can all become overwhelming.

It’s good to take inventory. Where are we spending time and attention? Time and attention truly are two of our most precious resources in incarnation.

Often we’ll put what matters most to us as soul lower on the list than what seems to matter. What matters and what seems to matter are two very different things.

I invite you to use some of your precious time to meditate on what really matters to you. If you find you have too many balls in the air, let a few go. You’ll know which ones.

My opportunity to communicate with you matter deeply to me. I hold sacred your time and attention and am honored that you share them with me.

Sometimes we just forget. When that happens, it’s nice to breathe, smile inside (and out), and give ourselves a break.

Last week I was scheduled to meet week with a woman about renting an office in her space. She forgot. It was clear she felt guilty, but it really did not matter at all. We’ll talk later and all will unfold in divine timing. When there is an opportunity for guilt, I invite you to choose differently.

It’s a wild time. Let’s relax, move through it, and bring highest joy into our days.

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