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The New Year’s Wave

As one calendar cycle closes and another begins, New Year’s brings an energy of enthusiasm, the freshness of a new beginning. Feelings of creativity and productivity run high. We make plans for change, and we make resolutions.

The vibration of opportunity for change is all around. It’s what we do with it that matters. As with so many things of Earth, it’s not the thing itself, it’s how we use it – be it power, money, or chocolate. We can use anything to create love, to bring joy, or to demonstrate where we aren’t loving ourselves.

Sometimes we take this wonderful New Year’s energy wave and apply it to “fixing” ourselves. We are going to exercise more, eat less, save more, and spend less. Maybe we are going to quit smoking, read that growing stack of books, or finally clean out the garage. When we have to fix something, we are saying that it is broken. When we resolve to improve ourselves, we are saying we aren’t OK the way we are in present time. Usually, the underlying idea is that when we fix this or that flaw, we’ll be worthy of approval from ourselves and others, and of love.

But what if we are perfect, just the way we are, in present time? Then, what would you ask? If you’re OK as is, what would you like to create for yourself, within yourself or out in the world? We might resolve to love ourselves even more, to enjoy being a spirit in a body, and to let go of any energy that keeps that joy at bay. We’d make commitments, sure, but the energy behind the resolve would be one of love, not judgment.

If you’re struggling with enjoying your physical body as it is, try resolving to love your body, instead of insulting it. Watch how it responds, how the relationship between you and your body eases, and how you begin to create a healthy, happy body for yourself. If we want to grow, we need to nurture ourselves. A child loved and validated grows stronger. A child neglected and abused builds walls over wounds.

Decide how you’d like to use the New Year’s wave for you. What will you begin anew this January? Ponder what matters to your soul, and use this creative energy in a loving way for yourself!

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