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Enough is Enough

“I just want to be done,” groaned the student after hearing how energetic conditions in the astral body affect our emotional well-being. “I just want to be done healing.”

“Why?” I asked, “what’s the prize when you’re done?” I find that for a lot of folks, the prize is being enough. When I make this much money, I will be wealthy enough. When I finish this class, I will be educated enough. When I lose this much weight, I will be thin enough. When I work this
hard, I will be productive enough. When I finish this process, I will be healed enough.

Whatever it is that we’re working toward becoming enough of, the important condition here is “enough”, and it seems like we never really get there. What happens when we’re enough? We become worthy of our own love. Then we can stop worrying, we can relax, be at peace, love ourselves, and know that all is well. Enough becomes a state of being, a contentment and self-love both within and about ourselves.

When we lose touch with who we are as spirit and become mired in the illusions of Earth, our enough-ness can easily become attached to a certain set of conditions. We begin to hold self-love, validation, and peace like a dangling carrot before us that must be earned, yet remains forever one step out of reach.

What if you were enough right now? Really, try it! Setting all the conditions aside, take a moment, close your eyes, and breath. Ground yourself by imaging a connection, like a tree trunk or plant stem, from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Breath again. Imagine being and feeling how you imagine you’ll be and feel when you are enough. Love yourself and decide to have that space of contentment now. Notice, you can be enough in present time. You’re doing it right now, without meeting all the expectations, simply by being. In truth, you’ve always been enough, and so much more. Can you feel it?

When we are enough, when we can give ourselves love and peace, we can begin to create from and give to the world our true self. There is no greater gift we can give than the expression of our hearts and gifts when we are being truly who we are. Further, being enough, our world will always reflect that state of being. We will always have enough, do enough, give enough, and be enough. How could we not, when we are enough.

When we play the game of not enough, we withhold our greatness from ourselves and others. We make up the rules, and we decide the conditions. At any time, we can dare to declare the game over. At that moment, everyone wins.

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