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Did you get to see the eclipse? What a beautiful sight. I watched from my deck here in Denver where 92% of the sun was covered. So amazing!

Eclipses, meteor showers, and gazing at the stars touch our hearts in a particular way. When we look at images from the Hubble telescope, we are uplifted.

These things remind us of the vastness of reality. They are a great “hello” that consciousness is so much larger than we tend to notice.

It’s easy to become mired, even stuck, in the small world of the thinking mind and the seeming challenges before us. When we look up, we remember there’s something much bigger going on here.

We, too, are much bigger, much vaster than we tend to notice. As we get to know ourselves as spiritual beings, our sense of ourselves becomes larger. The challenges before us become smaller relative to our own sense of self.

What was once a big deal becomes not so big at all. This transformation makes contentment, joy, and true creativity more accessible. Thank you, sun and moon, for a great reminder to look up and remember the vastness around us and within us!

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