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From Storms Comes Growth

We’ve had some major storms here in Colorado lately. But now, everything is “greening up.” All the moisture has led to a nice growth spurt for our trees and plants. Yes, many flowers died in the cold and snow, but some have come back and others are thriving now.
I bet you can see where I’m going with this. Storms, rain and darkness lead to new life.
It’s been an emotionally stormy time for many these past several months. I’ve been on a big adventure with moving twice and lots of other transitions. I’ve heard from so many others about big changes, disruptions, surprises and loss.
These shifts will be what we make them. Our framing shapes our relationship to what is and strongly influences outcomes. Is your storm a problem, disaster, challenge, adventure or opportunity? What we name a thing is so important.
This doesn’t mean that we’ll never get upset. Sometimes emotions are intense. I had a big melt-down the other day. You can go there, just don’t build a giant reality around it. Move through the feelings, then release, reset and remember that all is well in the universe.
If the weather in your life has been rough, hold the knowing that this too will clear, the sun will shine again, and new blooms will follow.

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