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The Problem With Predictions

When folks come in for a reading, they are often curious about their future. They ask, “When will I meet my soul mate?” “Where will I be in 5 years?”, “Will I get out of debt?”. Often there is fear behind the questions, with thoughts of the future tied to worry, anxiety, and worst-case scenarios.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about it, the future is not pre-ordained. It’s not written in stone, an invisible map we must follow without choice. The future is pliable, malleable, and full of a wide range of potential happenings. We create it moment-to-moment with our internalized belief systems and our thoughts and choices that spring from those deep beliefs.

I have helped several people recover from predictive psychic readings. One woman was deeply sad when a man she’d been told she would “definitely” marry left her.

Another was told she would meet her partner on a Caribbean vacation. She did meet a man there, and because of the prediction, moved in with him after only a few weeks. They were incompatible in many ways and the relationship lasted less than a year.

A man I know was told to go to a particular coffee shop in Oregon on a certain date and time to meet his future wife. He did. When he saw a woman come in to whom he was attracted, he was sure she must be “the one.” He got so nervous that he walked out, without ever having introduced himself.

Myths about spiritual abilities are common. A few years back, while living in an apartment in Lakewood, my downstairs neighbor came up to ask if I could read his thoughts through the floor! A colleague was shopping for her wedding dress when she was asked by another customer if she could see through her clothes. Misconceptions generate fear and disempowerment. Assuming a reader can see a future that does not exist in solid form is a likely to create disappointment, and certainly leads to a victim stance in one’s relationship to the universe.

The problem with predictions is that they are based on potential realities, not timelines that have solidified into actual experience. Also, psychic forecasts negate our free will and ability to evolve and redirect our course in life. Our experiences are the manifestation of our internalized pictures of ourselves and the reality in which we exist. As those pictures grow, change, and evolve, so does our path in time.

Predictions are attractive because they offer a temporary comforting of the fear of the unknown. Oftentimes, our fear of the future is based on unhappiness with the past. When we come to know ourselves, how we work as a soul and how we create reality, we can change the energies we use to manifest a different experience. We can proactively co-create the future with spirit by our side.

When we know our true security comes from within, from our knowledge and experience of ourselves as incarnated souls, our time on earth becomes an adventure to be relished and deeply appreciated. With spiritual awareness, we can face the future with a smile. We can walk forward with curiosity and excitement, rather than fear.

Although it is not pre-determined, the potentials of the future can be seen clairvoyantly. When I look, I see a grid, like a checkerboard or screen door. Each small square represents a possible time-line, or outcome. Certain squares may be more highly charged than others, more likely to manifest because they are getting more energy (sometimes fear) put into them by the people involved. We can change what we are in the process of manifesting by changing the energy, or we can work to keep a desired course on track.

Instead of wondering about your future, create it. Here’s a great way to start. Begin to notice the many assumptions you make in a day. Do you assume the coffee shop will be crowded? That there will be a traffic jam at a certain intersection? That your wallet will be empty – That there won’t be enough? Are you giving these assumptions so much power that you are actually making them real? Start to question – everything. Notice all the “but’s” that come up. “But this is what’s real.” ” But there really isn’t enough”. Place those aside. Dare to question your deeply rooted beliefs about yourself and the world, and you will begin to shake up your reality, and create a brighter future for yourself.

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