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When The Plan Changes

Life is full of surprises. I got a big one a few weeks ago when my husband Berny turned to me with tears in his eyes and said he is not happy here in Arizona, misses his daughter and the grandkids way too much, and wants to “go home.”

I know better than to argue with family agreements, so we’ll be redirecting our energies to land back in the Denver area and very near where they live.

The invitation to self-judge is there. Shouldn’t I have seen this coming? Instead, I’ve decided to be a little amused. I have to laugh at how I thought I had it all figured out. Don’t you just love that feeling; when you have everything in order and are just so sure about what’s coming next?

Sometimes the plan just changes. It’s as though you’re driving down the road, radio blasting. All of the sudden, screech. Spirit grabs the wheel and makes a hard right turn. Hard, only because it wasn’t in your plan. Right, because you can’t get it wrong.

Much as we may enjoy analyzing our experiences, we can’t get it wrong. Life is a series of choices and adventures. Different choices lead to different adventures. I had found myself explaining this several times in sessions with clients in the days leading up to our conversation; a nice synchronicity.

The choice to return is a “no-brainer.” Berny’s pain far outweighs my joy in being here. When we left Denver, I got to experience letting go of so much that I love. Now I get to do it again, and at the same time get back what I let go of in leaving. It will be beyond fabulous to be back with family, friends, clients, and the Church space. And, I will miss so much of what is here. Whew! Growth opportunities abound.

When I wrote about coming to Arizona, I set the intention that it would be one of the best things that ever happened. In many ways, it has been. My life has been shaken up, in a good way. Old thought patterns have been broken. Our marriage is stronger than ever. I have been deeply blessed to have time in a place of amazing natural beauty and such joyous, vivid past life memories.

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