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Precious Time

Back in the process of moving, my schedule has gotten super busy. I’m reminded that time is a resource and a commodity. How we spend our supply is important.

In a particular incarnation, we really do spend time. Time is like a bank account, but we don’t know how much is in there. If you don’t know the remaining balance, how do you choose to spend this precious resource?

For me, this has meant claiming the time to meditate, to connect with spirit, and to walk in nature every day even as demands mount and to-do lists grow long.

Claiming time for what nurtures you is healing for yourself and for those around you. Don’t be fooled by the myth that you don’t have time. We all have time ~ we agree to linear time when we incarnate.

Notice how you spend your supply. If adjustments are in order, claim time rather than waiting to be given time.

I look forward to having more precious time together with those of you in the Denver area very soon!

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