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I just worked with a woman moving through a tough divorce with kids in the mix. She came to our session in a state of complete overwhelm, convinced that her “life is over” and that “this is the worst thing that could ever happen.”

Through the reading, she was able to see that the blow-up was inevitable and that she is more than capable of moving through this time of change. She left feeling hopeful and thinking some brand new, empowering thoughts.

It is said that spirit never presents a challenge that you are not ready for. So many people are in the midst of interesting times, myself included. Perhaps you are also feeling you’re on shaky ground.

Many in metaphysical communities feel they’ve been dealt a blow by the election. Perhaps that’s got you stirred up, or something more personal. It’s a good time to remember that challenges become opportunities when we keep spiritual perspective.

Some parts of the path are just hard. That’s doesn’t mean we’re off course. We sometimes mistake times of challenge as having lost our way. Like on a hike, elevation gain is challenging, but with it we get a broader view and can see new vistas. And, we strengthen our legs for the steps to come.

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