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Over the holidays I read a book called Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves. The material is channeled with Helen as the conduit for her recently-passed friend Frances Banks.

There is much sharing from Frances about joy and relaxation being the doorway to spiritual awareness. Frances worked hard (even serving as a nun for some years of her latest incarnation) to pursue God, breakthrough, and access spiritual wisdom.

Now out of the body, Frances is able to see she sought what was within all the while. She speaks of the wisdom available in deep relaxation, meditation, going within, stopping trying, and allowing joy. She shares that we easily become attached to our struggles and pain in Earth and become driven to seek outside us for what is within.

Frances mentions the futility of all she withheld from herself in human experience in the mistaken belief that particular forms of sacrifice would bring her closer to God/Spirit. She now remembers she is God/Spirit embodied, and that joy is the signpost of the soul path.

What a wonderful message as we share the blessing of a new year! As you ride the wave of creativity in the new calendar cycle, consider what is joyous for you rather than how to “improve” yourself.

May 2017 be a year you walk your soul path.

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