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Your Power to Choose

Deep in the throes of moving to a new state, I’m reminded of our power to choose. In any situation, we choose our response. I know that’s easy to forget or argue with. Sometimes it feels like there is no choice, but we all have this power within.

When we realized the U-Haul was too small and we had to go back for a trailer too, we chose humor over anger. Good choice!

I wish I could say I made a similar choice when we found the “local luxury” hotel in Santa Fe to be horribly filthy. Instead, I chose frustration and anger. After just a little while, I re-chose and went with neutrality and amusement instead. A much smoother selection since we were there for the night no matter what.

We choose and choose again, every moment. So, even if you make a choice that’s not helpful for you, you can always re-choose at any time. Choosing is different than stuffing feelings. Letting feelings flow and go makes choosing easier.

Don’t wait for a reason to choose or re-choose. Reasons are part of the inner story we tell ourselves. Instead, just choose and new reasons will follow to support (reflect, actually) your new vibration.

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