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Here we are at campaign time, with hateful social media posts disparaging one party or the other. With friends and clients on both sides of the aisle, I’m seeing it all.

Please reconsider. If you have an enemy, then you are the enemy. Can you have a different value set without the other side being “evil” or “idiots?” An opponent is one thing; an enemy is quite another.

That kind of communication has never inspired anyone to change their minds anyway. Instead of pointing to the others with judgement, consider using that same energy to make your case for your team’s ideas, plans, and values. Reach out with both grace and passion and you’ll make a big difference.

Notice what vibration you’d like to contribute to the sea of reality during this challenging time. I’m guessing it’s not hate and judgment.

From spiritual vision, the school of earth continues. The invitation to see with broader vision and choose love presents itself over and over and over again.

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