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We all have a support team in spirit. We often call them “guides”, but we can also think of them as “staff.” They are with us not only to point the way along the path, but to assist in any way we’d like.

My husband, Berny, and I attended a Rockies game a while back. On the way, I took my rings off to put on some hand lotion. I laid my cherished engagement ring on my lap. The next morning, I couldn’t fnd it. I knew right away that it was sitting in the parking lot by Coor’s Field, and that it had dropped out of my lap when I got out of the car!

Both of us had a full day of work ahead, so couldn’t go investigate. I asked Berny to go up there after work and look. As is often the case, he thought I was crazy! He imagined there was no way it would still be there by day’s end.

I asked my guides for help. I assigned a specific staff member I work with frequently to go and hold the ring in place. Sure enough, when Berny arrived at about 5:30 PM, there it was. He said he could see it shining in the sun from a 1/2 block away. No one else could see it, because it was being held.

Guides, or staff, are an underutilized resource. An incarnation journey is a big deal, and we need all the support we can get. Your spiritual staff is waiting for your requests.

Here’s an easy process for opening communication: While sitting in meditation (grounded, in the 6th chakra, with your energy running, in your aura bubble) set an intention to connect with one of your spiritual suport team.

Imagine a dark stage before you, as if you are sitting at the theater and the show is about to begin.

If there are curtains, watch them open. See one bright white spotlight illuminate on stage and ask your guide to walk into it.

Trust your imagination! What do you imagine, or “see.” What is your guide’s name?

When the meditation is complete, make sure you turn off that spotlight and release the image of the stage.

Make the being you’ve met your new imaginary friend, just like a child would. Often, those imaginary friends our kids see are very, very real.

Ask in gratitude for what you’d like. For example, “thank you (guide’s name here) that (issue here) is healed and cleared to highest good. Play with asking and with getting to know your guide. Give yourself one of the richest relationships of your life.

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