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Last weekend we flew into Phoenix to visit some friends who’ve recently relocated there. On the descent, the plane hit massive turbulence. As we bumped along, there was a mixture of reactions among the passengers.

Some released excited hoots, as if on a roller coaster. Some held tight, trying not to move at all. A woman across the aisle became ill, literally vomiting into the little bag the airline provides for just such an occasion.

Although I’m definitely not the roller coaster type, I was able to go with the flow for the most part. When I hit a little fear, I closed my eyes, grounded my body (yes, you can do it on a plane) and repeated one of my favorite mantras: Thank You God that all is well in the universe.

Turbulence happens, on planes and in life. It seems to come with the adventure. When we experience change, there might be bumpiness along the path. What is growthful for the spirit often looks like a challenge to the personality. How we respond determines our experience.

We can hoot away and bounce along the ride, hold tight to the point of making ourselves sick, or anything in between. All the while, all is well in the universe.

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