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Life On Earth

There’s a common misperception in spiritual circles that if one sets their energy “just right,” then nothing unpleasant will ever happen. When a challenge inevitably arises, the person wonders what they did wrong.

This idea has a large dose of that punishment and reward energy we see in judgmental, dogmatic paradigms. I think of it as a “metaphysical religion.”

In the old “Star Trek: Next Generation” series, the crew would sometimes visit a planet called Riza. On Riza, nothing challenging ever happened. It was a party all the time and a place of rest and relaxation.

If you’re hoping for that on Earth, you’re looking on the wrong planet.

We incarnate for experience, adventure, growth and learning. The wisdom we garner from our human experiences is carried forward on a soul level.

Sometimes that adventure takes the form of success, love and abundance. Sometimes the growth happens through loss, lack and challenge.

If you think you’re getting it wrong, think again. Everything unfolding in your life is part of your Earth adventure. If you stayed too long on Riza, you’d get bored anyway.

Take away the judgment and embrace your life. What are your experiences telling you about the energy you’re carrying and about your opportunities for growth? Notice you have more power than you think when you see the journey from the bigger picture.

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