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Decluttering Reality

I’m decluttering. We’ve been in our current home almost 7 years now, the longest I’ve lived anywhere in all my years. The urge to move comes up on occasion, but that wouldn’t be wise in Denver’s current market. Instead, I’m clearing out as if we were packing up.

As I reorganize shelves and let things go, I am amazed at how much has accumulated. There are many items I’ve grown so used to seeing that I don’t even really see them anymore. And, there are some I’ve given a lot of energy.

This morning I sat with an angel statue given to me by a former assistant many years ago when my cat Martin left Earth. I sat for a moment in gratitude; for Martin, for the assistant, for the figurine, for it all; and then placed the angel in the donation pile. It’s beautiful and it’s time to let go. There was some hesitation, and that pause had to do with the energy I’d put into the object. I called my energy out of the piece and back to myself. That made it easier to release. Now this symbol can comfort someone new.

We can inventory our realities too. In one of the meditation exercises in our Intention & Manifestation series, we call back our energy from all the desires we’ve put out into the Universe that are no longer in present time. Wishes, prayers, and “wants” for particular jobs, relationships, and unfoldings of all varieties are released and that energy is brought back to us. This clears any attachment or failure that might be lingering along with those old desires, and frees up creative force for what is the path here and now.

Our energy can get scattered across time, objects, places, intentions, and other people. It’s part of life. And, it is healing to come home to our present time selves and reset. If you like this idea, try this exercise:

Sit and take a few breaths. Close your eyes.

Imagine a connection from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. This connection is called a grounding cord.

Then, imagine a big golden ball above your head, like a big gold sun. Imagine all of your scattered energy coming back and into this sun, making it bigger and bigger.

When the sun is full, imagine setting it right into your body, allowing the golden light to fill you from head to toe. Notice the shift and notice what matters to you in present time.

Enjoy your own energy and let the rest fall away.

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