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Everything Changes

At this time of new beginnings, I’d like to share about an ending.

For the past few years there have been three dogs living in the house that backs to ours; a miniature pincher, a basset hound, and a greyhound. The dogs were left outside (except in the most extreme weather) and they were bored and anxious. They expressed in the way dogs do: by barking. When they first arrived, I resisted them. Or, more accurately, I resisted the owners. I was very much in the “who does that?” vibration of judgment.

The owners would scream at the dogs to be quiet. It was clear where they had learned to bark! After I and a few other neighbors complained to the city, the owners put shock collars on the dogs and the barks transformed into strained groans as the animals insisted on finding a way to express without triggering the devices.

That was a challenge for me to witness, to say the least. I often sent healing from my home office window and it was all I could do to not send complete judgment to the owners. I wasn’t always successful. To me, it’s unimaginable to treat animals this way. My neighbors were of a different reality. To them it was no big deal.

A few weeks ago I noticed the dogs weren’t out. I wondered what was up and walked by the house to find the family had moved. The quiet is striking. I find myself wondering about my canine neighbors and hope they are in a place where they have space to run and freedom to bark away without being shocked.

This ending is a good reminder that everything changes. Things that seem like they will never end always do. Challenges that seem to go on forever eventually resolve. When the conclusion happens, we are relieved. On the flip side, when something we’ve enjoyed comes to a close, we call that loss. But everything changes.

Every ending makes space for a new beginning. Every large-scale shift creates the opportunity for a new life adventure. If you’re in the midst of a challenge, please remember that everything changes. If you’re in the midst of loss, please remember the same. If something is ready to release or transform in your life, remember that letting go creates space for whatever is next on your path.

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