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Energy Tips for Holiday Balance

It’s the time of year for celebration! And, unfortunately for some of us, that celebration can quickly turn in to excess. Even the most mindful among us can fall prey to tasty seasonal delicacies and enticing holiday sales. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy the season without overstressing your body or your budget. Here’s some tips for managing your energy for a balanced holiday season and truly happy new year.

Grounding for your body: Grounding puts you in touch with your physical body like nothing else. When spirit and body are in clear communication, self-care becomes more natural and easy. At that party, you’ll remember to ask yourself; do I really want that sugary treat or fatty pastry? And, when the answer is “Yes, I do!”, grounding will help you know when you’ve had enough. Most often, just two or three bites is plenty. Notice, after that, the thrill is gone, and you’re just eating.

Grounding is simple and easy. First, close your eyes. Just shutting down the endless visual input we experience helps us go within. Imagine a connection from the base of your spine (the first chakra) all the way into the center of the earth. A beam of light or imaginary tree trunk works great. That’s all there is to it! This connection invites you into your body, stabilizes the chakras, and becomes a trash chute for your body to release energy it doesn’t need to be carrying (which often manifests in the form of stress, worry, or pain).

Vision for your wallet: Right now, the stores are loaded with temptations to overspend. Visual, auditory and even aromatic marketing strategies are in play at every turn to distract you from your plan and entice you to buy, buy, buy. Before shopping, open your sixth chakra (the center of clear vision, or clairvoyance) to stay on track and within budget.

After grounding, with your eyes closed, settle your awareness, your point of attention, in the center of your head, behind the third eye. It’s an effortless act of intention. You could ground and open your sixth before leaving home, and, if you find yourself buying more than you planned, you could take a quick moment right in the store to close your eyes and refresh the intention of grounding and clear vision.

Meditation for perspective: Whatever your practice for relaxation and spiritual contemplation, make a commitment to yourself to keep it up during the holiday season. Maybe you could even deepen your spiritual work at this time of year. If you’re thinking about starting a meditation practice, why not now? Spiritual connection is so important on so many levels. A steady, consistent practice of experiencing one’s own uniqueness and synchronic connection to the whole helps us flourish on the journey of human life.

If you’re meditating consistently through the holiday season, you’ll handle any family dramas or other stressors that may arise with more perspective and grace. And, you’ll greet the new year with a strong sense of direction and peace.

With these simple tips in mind, may your holidays be bright!

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