Lauren Skye

Clairvoyant Readings and healings: Clairvoyance literally means “Clear Vision”, the ability to see energy (the root of all reality and experience). Lauren combines this talent with clairvoyant healing, the ability to change energy (and so change experience) through the power of intention, focus, and vision. It’s not about fortune telling or prediction. It is about empowerment, healing, and transformation.

You bring your specific questions and an open mind and heart to the session. Whether you have received hundreds of readings, or are not really even sure what a reading is, Lauren brings life-changing information to the foreground. During a reading, Lauren looks into your specific questions with clarity and without judgment. Any issue or area of life can be addressed, illuminated, and transformed.

Along with providing clear intuitive insights, Lauren facilitates and empowers you to release the unconscious obstructions you may have been holding onto. Lauren’s readings are powerful and insightful, designed to support the expression of your unique truth and personal power. By offering a fresh perspective on your challenges, opportunities for growth, and relationships, Lauren allows you to integrate a spiritual outlook into your day-to-day reality.

Fees for readings and healings with Lauren Skye vary, depending upon the length of the session and whether the meeting is in person or by telephone. The telephone fee schedule is:

One-hour Telephone Session: $180
½-hour Telephone Session: $95

The rate for house healings, business clearings or private services at your home or business location is $230/hour. Travel time fees may also apply. Please call 303-282-9439 for rates and availability.

To book a telephone or in-person session, house healing, or business clearing, please call 303-282-9439 or e-mail

Payments are due at the time of the session for in-person appointments, and before the day of the session for telephone work. You can use the button below to pay for your telephone session if you’d like, or discuss other options when you set your appointment.

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