Classes for Graduates


For Graduates of Clairvoyant Training Program: The Deep Dive Series with Lauren (replacing Living With Spirit) 

By Tele-Class and “On Demand” 

Lauren presents a series of spiritual topics by tele-class (or by recording). Each topic is “stand-alone,” so you can attend the ones you’d like. Times will vary to accommodate the varied schedules of our students.

Available by Download:

Astral Body and Astral Travel (A Deep Dive Series workshop for graduates of Clairvoyant Training)

•Experience yourself in your astral body
•Create clarity and certainty in your out-of-body experience
•Navigate the astral realms in a series of fun and easy exercises
•Apply this transformative experience into your daily world
•Enjoy an optional trade space at the end of the session

Fee: $65

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for purchase button, or call Lauren at 303-282-9439, or e-mail

Available by Download ~ Our January 2017 Deep Dive:

Out With The Old / In With The New (A Deep Dive Series workshop for graduates of Clairvoyant Training)

•Integrate the experiences of 2016 ~ Keep the wisdom while clearing the path to move forward.
•Solidify your intentions for 2017 and get ready for brand new possibilities.
•Feel powerful, at peace, and clear about your path ahead.
•Use your reading and healing skills to create your next steps.
•Enjoy optional trade spaces with spaces with fellow graduates (the trade space is optional for those who’d like)

Fee: $65 (by Download)

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for purchase button, or call Lauren at 303-282-9439, or e-mail to order this recording.


For Graduates of Living With Spirit or Trance Medium (any years):

Graduate Spiritual Journey Series 

A monthly series held on second Saturdays of the month; 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Mountain Time. Please contact Lauren at 303-282-9439, or e-mail for information.

One-to-One Program

In this program, you will work in the Threshold, or Zenith, space, between this lifetime and the last lifetime. Genetics, karmic relationships, and many other aspects of self are explored in this sixteen session space. Prerequisite: Living With Spirit. Meets once a month. Call Lauren Skye for more information.

Trance Mediumship

Explore the out-of-body realms and how to heal and read from this dynamic space. Learn to navigate and enjoy this powerful space of being. Unlike many of our other programs, enrollment in this program is by application. Prerequisites required. Next session dates to be announced.

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