Ending, or Graduation?

Ending, or Graduation?

In a recent reading, a client shared that her young daughter was upset with moving up a grade at school. Last year had been so fun for her that she wanted to go back.


Endings were the theme for many folks in August, and it seems the trend continues.


In the flow of life, nothing lasts forever. And that’s a good thing. Yet, when something we enjoy comes to a close, we tend to see that as failure. Perhaps instead, it’s a graduation.


We come to Earth for experiences and growth. As we shift and evolve as spiritual beings, our outer world of experience shifts to reflect the new space.


As souls, we call in new challenges, people, and situations to create our next step. Sometimes change comes as a surprise on the personality level, but that doesn’t make it wrong. As with everything, any change will be what we make it.


Last night I watched the full-moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries. From my limited understanding of astrology and from what I’ve read, this eclipse is about letting go of what’s done, blessing and releasing with gratitude. I really enjoyed witnessing the new light emerge from the darkness, somehow brighter than before.


There’s no going back a grade. When we let go, a new light arises, a new chapter begins.

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